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This Is How Bad It’s Gotten in America

Posted in Uncategorized by streetlegalplay on September 15, 2009

This makes me SICK!!!!

Michelangelo Signorile interviews Pastor Steven L. Anderson on his show after Anderson said from the pulpit, “I hate Barack Obama” & “God wants me to hate Barack Obama.”  The Pastor would not consider an assassination murder but rather a service to God & country.  (Some members of his congregation are now literally taking up arms against Obama.)

Anderson goes on to say that gays should be executed & that church-going gays only go to church so they can have access to children.  He ends the call by telling Signorile, a gay author & radio host, that he hopes he gets brain cancer & dies like Ted Kennedy.

For 8 years, we had a sociopath/war criminal in office & right-wing & mainstream media both promoted the fallacy that to denounce him was unpatriotic.

Oh, how times have changed! Now right wing feels that repudiating the new president (“You Lie!,” Rep. Joe Wilson) is one of the pillars of patriotism & mainstream media gives far more coverage to their constant calumny than it did to our protests of Bush’s criminal war & criminal presidency.

Is Pastor Anderson an extreme case?  As far as I can tell, only by a notch or two.  No matter what Obama does to appease the right (and he appeases them FAR too often, especially at the expense of the gay community), they will always find fault.  He can’t even give a back-to-school speech w/o being accused by millions of indoctrinating children into his “socialist” agenda.  Funny how Republicans once made a lifestyle of laughing off any minority group’s claim to “victimhood.”  But the minute they – especially Rush Limbaugh, once the biggest chortler of them all – can make themselves out to be victims, they don’t hesitate.  Many would even join Anderson in saying that an Obama assassination would be the furthest thing from murder.

To hear Anderson’s exact words of Obama hate from pulpit, see Don Lemon’s CNN report below: