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Posted in Uncategorized by streetlegalplay on March 26, 2010

What the fuck happened?!

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results, but…

What the fuck happened?!

The Republicans caved!  They CAVED!

We thought they’d drag the reconciliation package out for months, right up to November.  They did actually get the package sent back to the House yesterday morning.

But all the fixes passed last night at about 9 pm. Nancy Pelosi banged the gavel at a 220-207 vote.

What happened?  Did we wear the Republicans down?  (I mean, for now…)

Is Obama the Judy Garland to the Republican Wicked Witch?

For a long time, I’ve written about how Obama was so naive to think a bipartisan bill would be possible. Now I’m thinking he knew from the start that it would be impossible, but he wanted to to prove it to the American people once and for all before passing healthcare reform and enacting what will hopefully be a whole panoply of reforms. Well, now, all those “next Jimmy Carter” predictions have been wiped clean off the map.

He’s just signed off on a landmark arms accord with Russia. Next up, immigration reform!

But shouldn’t we be working on a massive job-creation package first? Not even the Tea Partiers could reasonably justify opposing that. Not that the Tea Party could ever be accused of being reasonable. Death threats aside, they say they oppose big government but they want the government to create jobs, guarantee their mortgage deductions, continue public education, and build and maintain roads and highways. Maybe it’s like how the Republicans say they love democracy but evidently they don’t like elections (when they lose) or majority rule in congress (when they lose).

But, whatever, the reconciliation package has passed with unforeseen speed! And maybe I’m speaking too soon, but it seems that the Democrats are starting to find their spines.


No spankings for you today. You’ve kicked more ass than anyone.

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