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Update on My Apolitical Status

Posted in Uncategorized by streetlegalplay on February 5, 2010

I just clicked on to Yahoo! news and saw this Associated Press article: “Obama Admits Health Care Might Die on the Hill.

This is a crying shame! This is pathetic!

I think Nancy Pelosi was right when she said that there’s no piecemeal solution to healthcare. (I’m one of the few Pelosi fans out there. If only she’d be appointed to manage both the house and senate, we might be able to get something done. Nancy, I think you handled health-care beautifully and you’re stronger than any man on Capitol Hill!) If only the Dems could have taken a stand! But even Obama is prepared to concede.

So I have an update to the post I wrote last week, “How to Be a Happy Liberal in a Center-Right Society,” where I rued the day I’d recently forked more money over to the DNC even though they’re clearly not doing their job.

Well, they called back from their San Francisco offices last Monday! They want even more money out of me!

They started in with scare tactics about how, if the republicans win more seats in congress, we’re not going to be able to get anything passed.

I cut the spokesperson off and said, “With the exception of the hate-crimes bill, the democrats haven’t gotten anything admirable passed in two years – even with a supermajority! With all due respect, you can’t assume that you’ve got my support just because I support a progressive agenda. I’m sorry, I pay for quality of work, not panic-peddling.”

She said, “I understand your attitude (she used the word ‘attitude’), Mr. Smith. Thank you for your past support.”  With that, she hung up.

Never will I understand why anyone votes republican.

But I sure as hell understand why they don’t vote democrat.

R.I.P. Healthcare Reform

P.S.: I still like Obama. Matthew Norman recently wrote a brilliant article about the fate of his presidency in the British newspaper, The Independent in which Norman says the following:

“[The Founding Fathers] righteous obsession with building a power counterbalance between President and Congress into the Constitution, as a check against tyranny, creates such stasis that, at times like this, benign dictatorship seems alarmingly attractive.”

Hey, congress! Why you gotta suck so freakin’ bad, morons?!

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